About me

I’ve been a software developer for the last N years (at the time of writing this, N == 10, but I don’t really want to come back to this page every year to edit it), toying with the idea of having my own programming blog for at least 4 years, and despite my constant lack of time – here it is!

My name is Marek, I live in Poland, 3city region, I’m doing C# and JavaScript coding at my day-to-day job. Few posts will touch the problems I encounter at my daily job(s) though. The reason for that is that they are fun, but I really thrive and have the most fun with when working on anything Unity3d related.

One small, but important side note:

I’m not a professional Unity3d programmer. I’m working with it at home, after work, with no one else to help me out, so everything tagged “unity” is either a brain baby of mine, or something I found on the internet. That being said – it may be lacking, so please remember that nothing with the aforementioned tag is a production-ready code, but rather a bunch of ideas I thought were worth sharing and getting feedback on.